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The viceroy smoking, gap toothed, skater-boy, Mac Demarco is one of the most prominent figures in contemporary indie-rock music by any standard. His cult-like following, and general energy is fearless, and flamboyant with grit, so covering the legend is no easy feat. But, Sydney’s multi-instrumentalist producer and singer, Mickey Kojak is challenging the notion that legends’ music should be left unmarked. His dusty-chrome production, and breathy vocals are sent through an AM-radio-esque filter, as he executes a cover of Mac’s “Chamber Of Reflection.” Mickey plays each instrument, produces each note, and uses his own innate gift of vocal excellence to redefine the original track. While remaining true the OG piece, Mickey inks his signature unto the melody- slowing its cadence, and ripening its meaning with a soft, introspective 80s-style synth. This cover is distinctively sensual, yet remains easy-going and playful. This Aussie cutie took a little piece of my heart with this cover- keep him on your radar, because this track proves his musicianship is teetering at the tipping point. Catch you on the other side.


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Super excited for this next premiere! If you follow us here at BB, you know we are huge fans of On Planets -- I feel like he's 100% part of our fam because we've supported this legend from the start. Today he drops a fantastic cover of "Flume" by Bon Iver and I feel like my poor writing skills will not do him justice for just how excellent this is. If I was a fancy writer I would deconstruct each element using colorful descriptive words to try to paint a picture of what this sounds like. But ... I'm not that fancy - and you'll just have to trust my good taste and believe me when I say .... this is the bomb! We love you On Planets! You guys can swoop that free download HERE

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My fave brassy duo are back with another delicious cover of a famous hip hop track. Following up on their cover of "All Of The Lights" with Alexander Lewis they've chose to take on Lil Uzi Vert's "XO Tour Llif3". Someone told me that Lil Uzi Vert is a messed up version of lucifer? Not sure if that's a joke or true, but now I'm wondering where he got that name haha. Anyways the Brasstracks boys do their thing and deliver another fun gem that's a head bobber for sure. Oh and it's on Spotify too >>>>

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There are many days I feel like the "music industry" should be renamed to the "hustle industry" because we all live that hustle life. I've never met harder working individuals anywhere else, from artists to agents to managers to buyers, we all work 24-7 and never give up. If you don't know that hustle life, you're doing it wrong! Know who's doing it right tho ..... these two incredible artists riiiiight here! LA Producer Alexander Lewis and Brooklyn future bass duo Brasstracks combined their big brassy sounds on this cover of "All Of The Lights" and I am feeeeeling it. Both these rising stars have spent the past year on that strong hustle releasing one fire track after another, and we love supporting them every step of the way! This is the future of music, these are the guys breaking new ground. You can grab a free download HERE

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Well, Lido is constantly surprising me ... and after a very stressful day I came home to this! Peter Gabriel is one of my most favorite musicians ever, and Lido's cover of his song "Solsbury Hill" has put me at ease. Lido is just so fucking good! His glitchy future feels version is both innovative and creative filled with light melodies and soulful vibes. I can't get enough!   


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It's been a minute since I've tuned back into The White Panda, but I was sent over this cover of The 1975 they did with VÉRITÉ that's dopee! VÉRITÉ's vocals just flow over you like a warm summer breeze on top of swelling pads and light drumming. The horn hits burst in at the vocal chorus smashing the bass line with a percussive rhythm that persists into the vox chop filled chorus hyping the track up before dropping you back down for verse 2. While we're on the subject of White Panda I'm gonna also steer you over to their remix of Jahkoy's "California Heaven." I posted the original a while back and their remix was freaking awesome. You can download their "Somebody Else" cover for free here.  


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Well lookie lookie what we have here. Another Throttle release, another absolute jam! Throttle has been crushing it with his own breed of throwbacks and he's added this awesome re-work of "Hit The Road Jack" to his repertoire. Almost immediately this fun tune ran up the Beatport charts and is now firmly supplanted at #1 and it's easy to see why. Full of sexy horns and beefy sounds, this track picks you up and doesn't let go from start to finish. Throttle is batting 1000 so far with his releases and we definitely don't expect a slow down anytime soon. You can nab this tune on your favorite digital retailer here


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I'm with you Autograf - what an incredible time we've had the past 8 years with President Obama. We were a part of history that will forever be remembered, and this man fought for what we (liberals) believed in - it was nice to have someone like this on our side who was not afraid to be himself - 100% inspiring.  Taking all the right vibes from the 2Pac version of "That's Just The Way It Is" by Bruce Hornsby, Autograf creates this brilliant tribute to President Obama as we're winding down his last days in office - inspired by his farewell speech to the nation the other night! There will never be anyone like him! You can grab a free download HERE


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Every once in awhile I get dealt the winning hand, and all the planets and stars aligned at the perfect time to provide me exactly what I need .... the best intern ever.  Vinny takes care off all the things I can't while delivering the perfect cup of coffee during the week, and keeping my mimosas full on the weekends ... he's the best intern ever.  However, he is a Christmas freak! He loves Christmas - the music and food and all the decorations - and if you know anything about me you know I can't stand Christmas. So now, my perfect intern has started to taunt me with Christmas, making me mix tapes and trying to put pumpkin spice in my coffee. He even gave me a gift today .... bah humbug! All of this brings us to our next premiere, and Vinny's Christmas joy must be rubbing off on me because this track is a Christmas song!! 19 year old Austrian producer filous releases a brilliant cover of this seasonal classic "Let It Snow" today via Ultra, and I'm shocked to say that I 100% love it! It's hard for me to think that filous would produce anything less than greatness, and this beautifully eerie electro folk track will be a favorite  those of you who are Christmas lovers.. It gets the Vinny stamp of approval.