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One of the best parts of running a blog like Beautiful Buzzz is the people you meet, whether it's the artist or PR or agents ... and my most favorite of all .... management! They wake me up in the wee hours of the morning, sometimes to pitch their artists track, sometimes just to say hi, and even just to fuck with me and wake me up early (one particular New Yorker thinks it's so funny) - but I digress - it's always a pleasure to chat with my managers. Plus - they send me amazing tracks - like this on riiiight here! This particular manager always sends over quality sounds, and has an impassioned way of communicating - it's marvelous! He just slid over "Origin" by JayKode x Party Thieves and it's crushes!  Comin' out strong in 2016!  There's layers upon layers of dirty trap bass beats and big melodies that will have you bouncing in 2.5 seconds! Delicious! This is the kind of track that I can't simply put into words, you just  have to listen! You can also grab a free download HERE