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It's pretty uncommon for me to be awake before 9am - after all I'm my own boss and run my own company so setting my own hours is just one of many bonuses!  However from time to time, especially when I am really busy or stressed out, sleep eludes me .... so this morning I am awake at 5:30am, hanging out on soundcloud trying to rest my mind.  I keep coming across this new track from young southern Californian producer Rad Cat - it's repeatedly showing up in my feed and in related tracks, and I gotta say it's a little piece of future feels heaven.  "All I Do" has some really great dance pop elements mixed in with those glitchy future beats we all love so much.  It's also very fitting for my current state of being - thinking about the job, money, the one boy I can't have .... it's pretty much all I do!  Rad Cat has got my attention, let's see where he takes us next! In the meantime, grab this track as a free download HERE