Mike DooseComment

Happy weekend and Happy October y'all! This gem of a track came out last week, but I've been slammed at work, per usual, so I'm only just now getting around to writing it up. I love future bass. Bash it all you want, but when done well, it's a magical style of music that can meld with so many other genres well. Hip hop is one of those genres. Flume killed it with Vic Mensa and Vince Staples; New Zealanders SACHI did it incredibly well with LA rapper DUCKWRTH. And here's another fine example from Berlin-based producer Mazde. Teaming up with NY-based rapper Khary for "Neverland", he manages to seamlessly blend an impressive palette of future synths with flawless hip hop percussion. The resulting effort is a hella bouncy beat with veriloquent verbiage and phenomenal flow from Khary's rhymes.