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STéLOUSE is my BFF, and this makes me one lucky girl because holy mac his music is beyondgood! When I started listening to this Denver producer I could sort of imagine what he must be like ... probably introverted, quiet, and a bit on the strange side but a super nice and caring person -- in my experience this is how most musical geniuses come off. I was wrong,  STéLOUSE is outgoing and funny and pretty much the bee's knees - once we met and fell in love we've been besties ever since. And I mean, how could you not love a dude who plays your show and put's together a set specifically for you by including all kinds of Flume tracks, then tells the crowd about it! STéLOUSE is my BFF! All of his tracks blow me away on multiple levels, he gets right into my soul and gives the ultimate feels. We've been waiting for this one to drop for a minute, and finally his new track "Let Go ft. Andrew Paley" is here! With low end like this, what else could you possibly want? This is what future bass is all about! Grab a free download HERE!