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I love new songs about my home town - growing up in Southern California is definitely a different experience from those who move there with wide eyes and big dreams .... because most of the time those people get crushed! It's hard to call a place like that home, the fashion and the clicks and everyone thinking they are so important. I lived this, and now that I live in NorCal I'm happy to say I am out of that scene - even tho it will always be home for me! Today's premiere is from a fantastic up-and-coming indie electronic outfit from Utah called The Brocks - and their new track "HLYWD" is delicious! Co-produced by the homie Kaskade and released on his label, Arkade, The Brocks have their own thoughts on the city of angels. “HLYWD was written from a place of feeling tired of being told what to want and feel. So much of what comes out of Hollywood pushes what is “cool” or “normal”, and this is about wanting to break free of that.” Feels! This one officially drops tomorrow - and I love it!  I can't wait to hear more from The Brocks!