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Your girl is under the weather today - I woke up with the yuckies and I'm just trying to grind through the day because ... there are no sick days in this industry! Good thing I have a new track from this little lady right here, because a dose of MOONZz is just what the doctor ordered! MOONZz has been crushing all things amazing lately - I just love her! In the past I have been accused of not liking female artists - but I think this was focused more during the time I was rolling around the east side of LA in the middle 2000's and deep in that Silver Lake indie rock world. Now, however, I have wised up and I actually can't get enough of this young inspiring group of female vocalists and music makers that are serenading our future beats and electro pop world with a huge amount of soul ..... swooning! You guys - this one needs to be downloaded immediately and you can swoop it HERE!