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Damn this new track from the foxy beast himself Bryce Fox is getting us at BB all kinds of horny. Fitting name for such a devilishly good blues rock record that bites with sharp teeth and enters your mind with an ear-worm chorus hook that's more infectious than the zika virus...Whatt?? too soon for the zika reference? Yeah maybe, but regardless if you're not up on this Bryce Fox train yet you better hop on board fast. I had the opportunity to go and see his debut live show Monday night and damn I'm super excited for this stud. If you haven't had a chance to hear his breakout single "Burn Fast" or the amazing remixes that have come from it, then you haven't been paying attention. Now this being his second incredible single and it seems something of a movement is developing. If Bryce continues to keep the heat up this high, I think we'll be seeing some major moves coming real soon.

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