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I'm having a day! This industry can be so up and down, one day you're kicking ass and then next 100% failing! As I try not to fail at everything today, I can talk about something that is 100% not failing and that is FatherDude! This brilliant New York vocalist has been popping up on our radar quite a bit over the past year, and just a few months ago we became awesome friends. FYI - when FatherDude sees you from across a room, he runs ... runs to you and does not stop until his arms are wrapped around you in awesome hugs ... that's just the kind of guy he is! His first single "Eyes On You" off his upcoming EP The Balance has him teaming up with the homie and legend Infuze and they crush with all the funky soulful electro dance vibes that will lift anyone's spirits - even mine when I'm having a day! You can swoop this one from iTunes HERE!