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New York producer Jenaux is becoming one of my fave people to chat with over the facebooks, because we actually talk about everyday life stuff and laugh at how ridiculous is all is! We also run with the same circle of friends so we get to talk about how ridiculous they are as well, and how much we love them! I think the best part about working in this stupid industry is the people you meet and the friends you make - they're like none other; a special breed of human who has a stupid high tolerance for pain and abuse that this industry can bring, and we just bond instantly! That's Jenaux - he's pretty great, and holy mack he makes amazing music to boot! This new original "Get It On" is his first original track in close to a year, and he's coming back strong with French electro Justice like vibes over dance floor disco beats crossed with future bass feels ... he brought the fire! You guys can grab a free download HERE!