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When I created Beautiful Buzzz I was never trying to impress anyone with my deep  philosophical thoughts on music - infact my writing is about as deep as a napkin. I just wanted to create a place where I could express my love for music and share that love with others. I still try to keep that integrity through the growth, and now that BB is bigger than just me it's still all about the music. The hybrid of R&B and electronic sounds has evolved into the most brilliant form of pop music, and right now Rationale is fitting our mold like a glove! "Palms" is a perfect piece of electro-pop perfection, with soulful vocals and sweet funky grooves .... this is the reason I do what I do! All the feels! I can't wait to hear the remixes! You can swoop this track for free when you pre-order Rationale's forthcoming album via iTunes HERE