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I used to take offence when people talked smack about LA - that's my home town and it raised me right! But now, after living in NorCal for the past few years I can sometimes see the silliness that is LA, and it's still brilliant in my eyes! If you happen to be part of the Hollywood cool kid scene in 2016 you know all about Space Yacht - a weekly free dance party featuring some of the most fire up-and-coming electronic music artists (many whom we feature on BB) mixed in with young industry, high-profile surprise guests and pizza. It's so very LA! Space Yacht has evolved into a collective and is now creating a digital platform to support the music we all love, and this new original "Hollywood Squares" by LondonBridge & Goshfather is their first "official release." This track reflects that LA silliness of a scene we all find ourselves roaming aimlessly in, or longing to be a part of - it's a funky dance track with bouncy rhythms and Fatboy Slim flavor. We'll always support Space Yacht - our promoter brother in arms - and this track is fire so grab a free download HERE!