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Lincoln Jesser is back with his third release on the iconic Spinnin' Deep imprint. Following up on the hugely successful single "Time Will Tell," Lincoln is back on the vocal duties for this one. "Lost Without You" seems to be a perfectly fitting name for this release due to the mesmerizing nature of the lead piano/synth line. The way the melody winds its way around leads you to feel like you're wandering a peaceful forest with no direction nor end in site. Good thing for us the journey is the destination and the journey feels soo good. The bass hits perfectly to keep you dancing while Lincoln's vocals and the light flute work at the end entrance us into an auditory mirage. Speaking of which, Lincoln also just announced that this single is the first from his Casa Mirage EP coming soon. He also just launched his own Spotify playlist of the same name featuring a mix of chill, deep, funky, and euphoric tunes that he happens to be vibing with at the moment. You can find that playlist here, and you can hear "Lost With You" on Spotify here.