New recruits to the esteemed Monstercat label, rising Californians Candyland and Shoffy have come together to bring us a journey of a record in "Faces." I'm surprised Candyland hasn't yet graced the pages of BB, but with her steadily rising collection of tasty electronic jams, we have totally caught up to the bandwagon. Shoffy on the other hand isn't a newcomer - check out our premiere of his record "Villains" with stud Canadians Loud Luxury. Together the two have created a tune that starts one way and leaves you in a totally different place. The beginning is chilled out and sparse, accenting Shoffy's lush R&B vocals. And then... launching into a surprising flourish of bass, the drop hypes you up and fills into this sick trap like future drop that's really in a category of it's own. The vocal chops explode everywhere with accents of distorted blips all above that super sub. This is a total set changer and deserves every ounce of support it can get. You can nab this iTunes here