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Amtrac provides some of the most chilled out and satisfying dance music on the planet. Additionally I've loved Sigur Rós for years, so when I saw these two names together on one song I knew it was going to be perfect. For those of you unfamiliar with Sigur Rós let me give you a little backstory. Hailing from Reykjavík, Iceland Sigur Rós first came onto my radar with their song "Starálfur," that has such a heavenly beautiful aspect to it. With an entrancing piano melody and strings leading the way, the song easily floats you away to another atmosphere. Their most successful LP 'Takk' features this song "Heysátan" along with "Hoppípolla" probably their most successful single that was featured in many movies, TV shows and ads. If you get a chance listen to the entire 'Takk' LP its well worth it. Amtrac has taken "Heysátan" to new heights making such a moving atmospheric tune dance floor ready. Amtrac has really made this track his own in such a flavorful way, using the pads strings and occasional bells to accentuate the main chords. He utilizes the vocals for ambient background splashes resulting in a hearty, bone chilling deep house cut. You can nab this as a free download here.

PS this post took a while to get all the accents and spellings correct lol so thanks in advance for noticing 😉