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Lately the EDM community has been put to the test - for many of us life has thrown some curve balls and the coping/recovering process has been tough. From battles with cancer (hang in there Mom) to unexpected death (RIP Big Makk) - I think I am safe to say we all feel it right now. A few weeks back house music producer and fellow promoter homie LondonBridge was in a car accident - hit by someone texting and driving! Thankfully he's alright and recovering nicely - but left with a broken knee. This weekend he is missing 2 festival gigs because of his injury and even thow he is thankful to be alive and staying positive on socials - it's still a bummer. Today I wanna send massive love to LondonBridge to let him know I'm behind him 100% - and you guys should too! The one thing about this community is that when times are tough, we come together and support each other, more than any other music community I've been associated with other the years. It's a beautiful thing! Check out his remix of "Alone" by Marshmello and grab a free download HERE!