Mike DooseComment

I find myself straying away from the more intense electronic stuff these days and listening to more mellow music, generally in the chill indie pop and alternative R&B lanes. Maybe it’s just because I’m on the other side of 25 and only getting older. But sometimes a pulsating sharp synth line and thumping bass line with a driving beat behind it just hits the spot. WOLFE’s latest single “Drop It” offers plenty of those kind of movement-inducing vibes. He’s a new name to the pages of this blog, but the LA-based producer has been putting out a string of successful singles both independently and via respected dance music tastemaker labels such as Spinnin’ and Lowly Palace since early last year. “Drop It” features catchy lead synth melodies, walls of luscious chords, and infectious beats, but also veers into hip-hop territory with rhythmic rap verses and the vocal hook “drop it” chopped up in just about every way imaginable. I’ve been bobbing my head to this one all week, and I’m eager to hear more of what WOLFE has in store for us through the rest of this year and into next.