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Autograf has been on a roll from their hit originals “Nobody Knows” “Simple” and “You Might Be” to their stunning remixes for Clean Bandit, Lukas Graham, and Juke Ross, the trio can’t be stopped! And now they just so happen to remix one of my favorite artists/biggest girl crush Halsey for her single “Bad At Love”. I’ll admit I was a little hesitant at first, because it’s the worst when a song you really like gets a remix and it just doesn’t feel right…but that is not the case here. Autograf somehow manages to capture the emotion and soul from the song but gives it a totally new vibe. With crunchy synths, trap style drums, and Halsey’s buttery voice floating on the top it is the ultimate combination. It's so awesome that it will have you both singing along and doing weird dance moves in your car so everyone will wonder what fire your dropping from the driver seat. 

halsey remix art bb.jpg