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Autograf has been on a roll from their hit originals “Nobody Knows” “Simple” and “You Might Be” to their stunning remixes for Clean Bandit, Lukas Graham, and Juke Ross, the trio can’t be stopped! And now they just so happen to remix one of my favorite artists/biggest girl crush Halsey for her single “Bad At Love”. I’ll admit I was a little hesitant at first, because it’s the worst when a song you really like gets a remix and it just doesn’t feel right…but that is not the case here. Autograf somehow manages to capture the emotion and soul from the song but gives it a totally new vibe. With crunchy synths, trap style drums, and Halsey’s buttery voice floating on the top it is the ultimate combination. It's so awesome that it will have you both singing along and doing weird dance moves in your car so everyone will wonder what fire your dropping from the driver seat. 

halsey remix art bb.jpg


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My best friend and I are bleeding heart liberals, but from time to time we can get into heated conversations over politics, especially now with President Trump in office. One night not too long ago she called me out after I made a statement about how I believed many of the protests do not change anything, and she asked me what I was actually gonna do if not protest. So, I normally don't post about shows that are not mine, or about politics on Beautiful Buzzz - but this is really something special. I am shocked to learn how many racist, homophobic, non-tolerant, stupid American's there are left out there .... that we were actually capable of electing someone like Trump as our President, and this bigoted womanizer with no political background has the power to put forth in motion the immigration ban last week. What is happening to us? I thank my parents every day, for moving us out of Missouri in the 80's to California, where I was able to grow up learning love and tolerance for all. I'm proud to live in this west coast  bubble, because things like this happen with like minded musicians who live here - the arts will always be for the people and support the people. So, this is me doing my part ... spreading the word about this fundraiser for the ACLU that ZEDD (an immigrant) put together, asking some of his friends to join him. No ego's here kids - we all just want to help! 


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Just as we thought we were at the end of seeing "Closer" remixes, here comes the Sultan of Summer, Viceroy, hitting us with a piano lead disco jam! I got a little chuckle right as I hit play with the Lyn Collins "Think (About It)" sample...oh you thought I was going to say "It Takes Two" from Rob Base and DJ E-Z?? Do your homework of course they took it from Lyn's cut from 1972 - a cool listen by the way. Ha ha I digress...Viceroy has put his own poolside spin on The Chainsmoker's original speeding it up adding guitars, pianos and claps the way Viceroy knows best. According to the artist, “I've known the chainsmokers since the beginning of my career and their team. It's really amazing to see something blow up from the beginnings. When they asked me to remix their hit I was happy to support them. I had a blast and I hope ya'll enjoy it!” You can grab this remix as a free download here


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It's almost the weekend y'all, and I am so ready to do nothing actually! Yep ... gonna stay home and hang out with my doggo and find a TV series to binge on. It will also give me some time to catch up on listening to all the new music I've been putting aside during this hectic week.  One thing I can't sleep on, however, is this new flip from Syracuse, NY producer Ye. We are lucky enough to premiere his delicious remix of "New Americana" by Halsey, and I feel like it's going to set a rad tone for the rest of the day. Layered with dark synthey melodies and future bass beats, this 19 year old producer creates a bouncy trap hybrid between vibing out and raging!  Ye. is just getting started, and I can't wait to see whats to come. 


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Who's having fun today? I know we are having a blast in the BB office because we're psyched to release our next installment in the Buzzzmix Series. Vol. 33 comes from a fresh up-and-coming SoCal producer BKAYE. We came across his music earlier this year and were super impressed, we even invited him to play a BB show in San Francisco. His latest remix of "Ruins" by Ryder is crushing the soundcloud plays and charted in the top 5 on HypeM, and it also starts of this delicious future feels mix. Keep your eye on BKAYE - we expect big moves from this youngster. Grab a free download of Buzzzmix Vol. 33 HERE!

Ryder - Ruins (BKAYE & Ben Maxwell Remix)
Wafia - Meet In the Middle (Ekali Remix)
RL Grime & What So Not - Tell Me
AlunaGeorge - I Remember (twerl flip)
Gallants - Runaway (Party Thieves Remix)
Ookay - Thief
Panic At The Disco - I Write Sins Not Tragedies (Kasum Remix)
Diplo - Be Right There (Boombox Cartel Remix)
Machineheart - Circles
GRiZ & Big Gigantic - Good Times Roll
Snoop Dogg - Next Episode (San Holo Remix)
Rain Man - Bring Back The Summer (Not Your Dope Remix)
Daya - Hideaway (Virtu Remix)
Lorde - Tennis Courts (Flume Remix)
The Chainsmokers ft. Halsey - Closer 


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This is the second "Closer" remix we've supported at this point, and damn ARMNHMR has hit it out of the park! The drop comes in with a flurry of moving synths, vocal "huh's" and chops on top of some spicy deep sub that have totally taken this song to another level. If you're looking for that hype remix of this billboard chart topper, then look no further ARMNHMR adds just the dose of adrenaline to light up dance floors everywhere. You can nab this as a free download here.


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Eyyy lookie lookie Matt and Eli aka Two Friends are back with great re-work of The Chainsmoker's #1 single "Closer." I didn't get the opportunity to do a write up about the original, so I gotta take a moment to throw some mad props to Freddy from Louis the Child and Shaun Frank for co-writing and helping get this track up off the ground, and Drew from The Chainsmokers for putting his own vocals on the track. That can be a scary leap, but Drew crushed it out of the park with the first swing. Now on to Two Friends's mix - the guys have collabed with Class & Clowns amping up the rhythm a bit for this rework, adding guitar and definitely putting their own amigo flare to the chorus. The drop busts out with a huge distorted synth, spiking up and enveloping the track in a wall of sound. The original is already a pop breakout hit and this rework is undoubtedly stoking the fire.    


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The next Buzzzmix has arrived, and this one is pretty special!  When me met Melvv last year, he was talking about going to his senior prom, graduating high-school, and starting to make waves with his original tracks and remixes on the interweb.  When we did a very last minute premiere of his incredible remix of "Midnight Moon" by Oh Wonder (which is included in this Buzzzmix) - I knew Melvv was something special -- so I started telling everyone I knew about this teenage bedroom producer who I believed was going to do great things!  Almost a year later and over one million plays on that remix alone - Melvv is moving into the next phase of greatness - fancy management, fancy agent, and playing dates with the likes of Louis The Child, Autograf, Trippy Turtle, Jai Wolf plus some big things we can't talk about just yet!  WOW!  We have that ultimate feels kind of  bond with Melvv now, and his place in the BB fam will always be held with highest regard .... we love him V much!  You can grab a free download of Buzzzmix Vol. 20 HERE

Sombear - Love You in the Dark (Melvv Remix)
Trippy Turtle - Trippy’s Theme
Alina Baraz & Galimatias - Pretty Thoughts (FKJ Remix)
Just A Gent - Fortaque Mister
Tweeks - Rave Land
Mura Masa - Cloud Claps
Nguzunguzu - Skycell
Pascaal - Drowning in You
Pomo - Vibrator
Sinjin Hawke - Crystal Dust
Drippin - Air Jordans
ODESZA - Say My Name (Dub Scout Remix)
Oh Wonder - Midnight Moon (Melvv Remix)
Rustie - Big Catzzz
Cashmere Cat - Wedding Bells
Sophia Black - Vibration
Basenji - Speak With A Dofflin
Mura Masa - Lovesick Fuck
Louis the Child ft. K.Flay - It’s Strange
Louis the Child ft. K.Flay - It’s Strange (Melvv Remix)
Majid Jordan - Her
ODESZA - White Lies (feat. Jenni Potts)
Disclosure - Magnets (feat. Lorde)
Zella Day - Sweet Ophelia (Marian Hill Remix)
Lana Del Rey - National Anthem (Cashmere Cat Remix)
Jai Wolf - Indian Summer
Porter Robinson - Flicker (Mat Zo Remix)
Darius & FKJ - O
Beyonce - Irreplaceable (Lindsay Lowend Remix)
Chrome Sparks - Marijuana
Feverkin - Coiled Corner (ft. Bijou)
Alina Baraz & Galimatias - Drift
Marian Hill - Whisky
SYRE - Bassline
Lido & Halsey - Slow