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Tritonal's label Enhanced has just given us their latest offering - a song first deep house tune "Reflection" from new producer Sj that really struck my fancy. The tune features Anna Pancaldi's lovely vocals encased with silk like layers of swirling synth work that cast a warm aura around the first verse. "Without Your Love, I have no reflection" she sings in the vocal chorus entreats us into a chill deep house drop that goes down oh so smooth. Apart from music, Sj has a cool story because he started an organization dually based in Nashville and Calcutta, India called One Life, which helps transform places of poverty in Indian slums to places of possibility. Among other projects, One Life has created a safe space called “Our Dream Home” which is home to 25 girls who broke free from poverty and physical/sexual abuse situations, and acts as a resource for them to live comfortably with long term care and development. I'm especially down to support artists that are equally willing to give back to others not only with their art but also their time and energy.