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I'm excited to share this one for you this weekend. You could say it isn't our usual BB fare. "We are not a Christian Rock Band," epic dark pop duo Dana and the Wolf cry on their social media. After releasing clips of the overly-charismatic 1950's preacher Billy Graham juxtaposed with the dark instrumental from their new song, "Him," the LA based duo apparently received several DM's asking if they'd turned religious. 

But a close listen to their new song reveals that vocalist Dana Hobson and producer Daniel Wolf are anything but religious. "I gave it a go / gave it a roll / you don't approve of what I'm gonna do / be someone new," sings Hobson in an Amy Winehouse torching-manner.  Is she singing to a man, or the ultimate "Him" up above?

"Him" the track is an exciting and refreshing take on modern pop music, with elements of theater, hip hop, future bass, trap, it's a cinematic banger soundtracking this couple's life. There's word that more releases are in the pipeline very soon from DATW. I'm excited to say the least.