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“Inside Out” is the chilling new single from Nashville musician Mokita. Composed as a testament to the human condition, the single is a rumination of life’s trials and tribulations. A call to the light, “Inside out” is an emotive ballad with simple, sentimental guitar melodies and poignant lyrical prose. Profoundly moving and captivating from the jump, “Inside Out” is alternative indie-pop at its apex. Velvety smooth melodies oscillate the philosophical production, leaving listeners extensively captivated. A hymn in its own right, “Inside Out” is a heavy-hearted abstract that bridges art with human nature. A blossoming triumph, Mokita is keen to sincerity on his latest offering.

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Need a little chill #mondaymotivation? This Tuesday is more like a Monday for most after the holiday weekend here in the US. This new track from artist/producer ARIZA is as relaxing as it is relatable. Entirely written, recorded, and produced by the Colombian-born, LA-based musician, “Keep On” is minimally produced, but manages to say a lot about the artist. Describing the inspiration behind “Keep On,” ARIZA expressed how the song is “one of the most personal tracks to describe a musician’s life in LA. The constant ups and downs. The ego checks. The emotional and existential turmoil experienced. It’s an honest look towards getting over hurdles and continuing to improve within the craft.”

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Sometimes finding tracks that really catch your attention in the constant deluge of amazing music swirling around in the ether can be overwhelming. Then something zips by and pulls you into its orbit and captures you with its gravity. NYC-based singer, songwriter & producer Billy-On enlists rapper Jay Boogie to weave together “Ghost Limb”, an atmospheric genre bender that defies my attention deficit and just keeps me coming back for more.

Before dropping his first original track Billy-On embarked on the familiar path of remix releases to develop his sound. Safe to say, the work paid off and this music junkie cannot wait for future releases. Keep these gentlemen on your radar and you won’t be disappointed. Click here to stream or purchase “Ghost Limb’ for yourself, you won’t be disappointed!

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“I come from the luck of the draw," Dana Hobson sirens as the introductory hook and anthemic bridge of “Got Me Poly”, the first single of 2018 from peculiar new self-described “raw theater” duo Dana and the Wolf.

In December they gave us the cinematic and dark “Him” which created controversy as “not a Christian rock” song with artwork featuring a cross and lyrics that read as a burning commentary on religion. It charted on several Spotify Viral charts however, deservedly so in this writer’s opinion, with its forward-thinking production and innovative vocal arrangement.

Back at it with a new single to kick off their 2018, Dana and the Wolf have dropped “Got Me Poly”, and I’m cosigning this hard. A song about polyamory, it’s almost like this record was designed to induce anxiety in the listener. There’s even percussion that sounds like a heartbeat in the intro. Add on top lyrics like “turns out that love can’t be conquered and isn’t what you thought / 'forever' just another bubble stuck inside your throat” in a rap-sung mumble from Hobson, other bits of preachy wisdom from Daniel “the Wolf” (if you listen closely) and a chugging bridge that’s somewhere between The Prodigy’s “Smack My Bitch Up” and Major Lazer, and this duo has crafted a piece of music that truly stands out amongst most of even the “alt pop” of today. Keep your eyes on Dana and the Wolf.

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It's time for everyone to get super familiar with Oliver Tree.  This emerging alternative electro dance pop artist is doing something different, and we can't get enough! Today he drops his new original track "Upside Down" that is channeling vibes from big beat dance pop Fatboy Slim mixed with alt pop-rock Beck flavor brought into 2018 sounds .... it's pretty great!  We also can't forget about the wild content he's creating on socials and his unconventional look.  It's perfect .... I think he should get ready for greatness! Swoop that download HERE


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I'm excited to share this one for you this weekend. You could say it isn't our usual BB fare. "We are not a Christian Rock Band," epic dark pop duo Dana and the Wolf cry on their social media. After releasing clips of the overly-charismatic 1950's preacher Billy Graham juxtaposed with the dark instrumental from their new song, "Him," the LA based duo apparently received several DM's asking if they'd turned religious. 

But a close listen to their new song reveals that vocalist Dana Hobson and producer Daniel Wolf are anything but religious. "I gave it a go / gave it a roll / you don't approve of what I'm gonna do / be someone new," sings Hobson in an Amy Winehouse torching-manner.  Is she singing to a man, or the ultimate "Him" up above?

"Him" the track is an exciting and refreshing take on modern pop music, with elements of theater, hip hop, future bass, trap, it's a cinematic banger soundtracking this couple's life. There's word that more releases are in the pipeline very soon from DATW. I'm excited to say the least.


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These guys are literally two of my favorite new acts out there right now, so when I heard they were releasing a collaboration I was excited to say the least. “Faded” comes to us from producer/artists Said The Sky and FRND, the former having risen to prominence for his lush emotional future electronic compositions such as “Rush Over Me” feat. HALIENE (with Illenium and Seven Lions) and the latter for his sugary alternative/electronic pop bops such as “Substitute” and “Be Happy”. Both artists are unique and recognizable in their own rights, and both make you feel something with their music. This collaboration is no exception. A release via MrSuicideSheep’s Seeking Blue label in partnership with Crooked Paintings, “Faded” features the best characteristics of both collaborators. FRND’s neo-alternative songwriting, vocals and signature choppy/modulated sound design are complemented by Said The Sky’s gorgeously melodic, orchestral, future bass style. I’ll be blasting this one all winter long as I drive around sunny LA with the windows down and the sunroof open.



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We've been known to stray outside the normal "electronic music" genre that we feature on BB from time to time - and today I've got a sweet little treat for ya! LA singer, songwriter and bedroom producer, Gabriel Black just released a new track "Sad Boy" that's 1/2 alternative pop and 1/2 emo, and I'm kinda crazy about it! This debut single is a shining glimpse into what's to come from this newcomer, who also happens to be the creative force behind his visual brand, drawing and curating every piece to tell his story! Pretty cool!