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“I come from the luck of the draw," Dana Hobson sirens as the introductory hook and anthemic bridge of “Got Me Poly”, the first single of 2018 from peculiar new self-described “raw theater” duo Dana and the Wolf.

In December they gave us the cinematic and dark “Him” which created controversy as “not a Christian rock” song with artwork featuring a cross and lyrics that read as a burning commentary on religion. It charted on several Spotify Viral charts however, deservedly so in this writer’s opinion, with its forward-thinking production and innovative vocal arrangement.

Back at it with a new single to kick off their 2018, Dana and the Wolf have dropped “Got Me Poly”, and I’m cosigning this hard. A song about polyamory, it’s almost like this record was designed to induce anxiety in the listener. There’s even percussion that sounds like a heartbeat in the intro. Add on top lyrics like “turns out that love can’t be conquered and isn’t what you thought / 'forever' just another bubble stuck inside your throat” in a rap-sung mumble from Hobson, other bits of preachy wisdom from Daniel “the Wolf” (if you listen closely) and a chugging bridge that’s somewhere between The Prodigy’s “Smack My Bitch Up” and Major Lazer, and this duo has crafted a piece of music that truly stands out amongst most of even the “alt pop” of today. Keep your eyes on Dana and the Wolf.

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