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"I don't always post bass, but when I do I prefer LOUDPVCK" - the most interesting man in the world. Well there you have it folks if the most interesting man digs it then I think you will too. But in all seriousness sometimes you just need to double down on that extra db of sub and Botnek and LOUDPVCK have both dug a deep hole, laid concrete and bunkered down in the bass hall of fame. Their new single "Traffic" is full of grimy goodness that's ready to get you hype for the weekend. Like all LOUDPVCK tunes you can expect it to come with a smirk, and this one features several vocal samples and extra add-ons that keep you saying where the fvck is this track is going to go. I thought this track was extra unique and decided to share so hope you like it too. You can nab this across the digital audio spectrum here. LA you can also catch LOUDPVCK coming up next Saturday 3/4 at Exchange LA - get tickets here.