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While this week has brought no shortage of high profile new releases from the likes of massive artists like Kendrick Lamar and Frank Ocean and indie stars like Sweater Beats and Bishop Briggs, I’ve got a premiere for you today that I hope makes new fans out of BB readers of some names that are new to me as well. 

When this remix found it’s way into my inbox I wondered how I hadn’t heard of Leo Stannard, Frances, or Luca Schreiner yet. The caliber of the original artists’ voices and the polished contemporary bounce of the production exemplify what’s great about new music these days. I would show this track to people who argue that there’s no good music coming out now. "Gravity" is just a great song with catchy pop songwriting, smooth vocals from Stannard and Frances who are both from the UK (naturally), and it’s full of happy vibes, an ode to the one person that is always there for you, your ride or die, or as Leo puts it, your ‘Gravity’. Young German producer Luca Schreiner, whose tropical deep house crossovers we’ve actually supported in the past, has managed to put a little pep into it and make it dance floor friendly while still preserving the original’s impact as an uplifting pop anthem. 

Speaking on this remixing effort, Luca told us, “With this remix it was all about keeping the dreamy yet beautiful vibe of the original and giving it a ‘modern’ type of electronic sound. I also wanted to include more natural instruments so I added the horn elements, which has become a trademark sound of my last several productions. The key was to not whitewash Leo and Frances’ amazing vocals: it was more important to add unique sounds to complete an already amazing sonic picture.”