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Five months ago, Teflon Sega collaborated with rapper SAINt JHN to release a "bizzare&b" single- "Beretta Lake." As his single continues to top charts and impress critics, Teflon Sega is handing off the track to other talented producers to further capitalize on its artistic success. Just four days ago, Listen2Liri accepted the role of fearlessly flipping it into a ethereal remix. Although the three artists involved in this particular remix didn't work together on the original release of "Baretta Lake," the synergy of the trio is unstoppable. With beautiful transitions, this hazy flip is truly something out of a dream- taking you somewhere very, very far out. "Beretta Lake" is riddled with poetry far beyond its jarring lyricism- it is a musical prose that blossoms with every note. Part of me wants to add it to my "sad girl, rainy day" playlist, while a more optimistic part of me wants to add it to my "dancing with no pants on, with a bottle of a wine" playlist. Simply put, it's a song for many occasions- both euphoric and melancholic. With this remix, Listen2Liri exceeded expectations and executed his take on an already brilliant single. Add this indie-electronic flip to one of your "dancing with no pants on" Spotify playlists, as these visionaries continue to dominate charts.