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Progressive pop duo, Cosmos & Creature just released their sophomore single, "Bad Drug." In their latest release, the twosome composed of Molly Moore and Brandyn Burnette use bad drugs as a metaphor for bad love. Despite the heartbreak vibe of the track, Molly and Brandon are actually an artistic super-couple. And although they are simultaneously pursuing solo-careers, their undivided project possesses a striking synergy. Cosmos & Creature take contemporary pop music and combine it with indie-electronic ingredients, resulting in a vibrant melting pop of unique reverberation. "Bad Drug" is laced together with powerful, romantic lyrics, echoing whistles, and a hint of jazz. Their latest single is proof that twosomes can be just as formidable as full-piece bands. Molly and Brandon's chemistry off stage directly translates into their music—neatly mixed, strategically layered, and beautifully animated. Cosmos & Creature is relatively new to the music scene, as "Bad Drug" is only their second Soundcloud release, but amateurs they are not. Hop on the band wagon and watch this couple blossom into success, because it is happening quickly. Not to mention they are spunky as hell, and cute to boot. Support their movement by streaming "Bad Drug" on Soundcloud now!