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Progressive pop duo, Cosmos & Creature just released their sophomore single, "Bad Drug." In their latest release, the twosome composed of Molly Moore and Brandyn Burnette use bad drugs as a metaphor for bad love. Despite the heartbreak vibe of the track, Molly and Brandon are actually an artistic super-couple. And although they are simultaneously pursuing solo-careers, their undivided project possesses a striking synergy. Cosmos & Creature take contemporary pop music and combine it with indie-electronic ingredients, resulting in a vibrant melting pop of unique reverberation. "Bad Drug" is laced together with powerful, romantic lyrics, echoing whistles, and a hint of jazz. Their latest single is proof that twosomes can be just as formidable as full-piece bands. Molly and Brandon's chemistry off stage directly translates into their music—neatly mixed, strategically layered, and beautifully animated. Cosmos & Creature is relatively new to the music scene, as "Bad Drug" is only their second Soundcloud release, but amateurs they are not. Hop on the band wagon and watch this couple blossom into success, because it is happening quickly. Not to mention they are spunky as hell, and cute to boot. Support their movement by streaming "Bad Drug" on Soundcloud now! 


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I'm a bit late getting to this new one from Boehm, but it's already been putting up some big numbers on spotify with almost 800,000 plays since it's release. Sparking 2017 off right, this hybrid tropical house and pop tune features an assortment of bells, and xylophones, infectious vocal warping and a spritely rhythm section. You know Brandyn Burnette's gonna provide some excellent top line so what's not to like about this hopeful tune "Let's Give It a shot!" You can stream on Spotify here.    



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Instant Karma has been making waves since their first release just a year ago. I really loved their "Flor - Unsaid" remix a while back and was excited when they sent me their latest an upbeat tropical infused rework of "Plans" from two BB regulars: Elephante and the workhorse Brandyn Burnette. The original was a joy to listen to check out our review here, but lets talk about what the bright good vibes duo has done for their remix. Using marimba-esque stabs they have built a lush tropical soundscape full of wandering airy arps supporting Brandyn's vocals. We're quickly lead to a bobbing halftime chorus chock full of fun melodies and vox chops. The record grooves along with such upbeat sweetness that it ends a quick 4 min later and I'm clamoring to hit play again. This one is ready to export you back into the rays of summer, you can also download this for free here.   


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It's Sunday night and I finally have a little time to do a little blogging (crazy last few days at work). But last week was also a HUGE week for music. From The Weeknd and Daft Punk to more new Green Day, Skott, GRiZ, and Shaun Frank's seriously good "Closer" remix, it was a big one. We can't forget about this incredible highly anticipated debut from Cosmos & Creature though. The power couple that is Brandyn Burnette and Molly Moore, two standout solo artists in their own right who are good friends of the blog, have been featured as their new duo project on a couple big dance records over the past few months. Now they've finally shared their official debut original, and it's pure awesome. "Young" is a song about nostalgia for the carefree days of youth, but with a reminder of the conviction and confidence necessary to succeed in adulthood. It simultaneously looks back at the past and into the future. Everyone can relate. Top that with the fact that it's catchy, well-produced, and features Molly and Brandyn's great vocals. This one deserves to be on the radio. Keep it up fam, can't wait for what's next!


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Elephante is back with an incredible new single, and the hotly anticipated release of the 'I Am The Elephante' EP with an almost LP's worth of 9 amazing records. The emotional EP features a mix of chilled out electro pop, essences of tropical, smatterings of melodic trap, and future bass all tied together in a way that only the Phante can do it best. If you haven't heard them yet, check out the already hit singles "Closer (feat. Bishøp)" and the epic remix of MIIA's "Dynasty," along with some great other records like the one I'm about to touch on "Plans," "Catching On (feat. Nevve)," "Hold (feat. Jessica Jarrell)," and the banger "Goliath (feat. Jody Brock)."

Now onto "Plans" Brandyn Burnette kills it per usual with the emotionally charged lyricism and vocal performance. The record starts much in the same way as "Closer" with a solemn organ that immediately draws soulful church-like thoughts as tropical xylophone plucks spark the record up into a snappy chorus that prominently features a guitar riff as the main melody. The record plugs along at a chipper pace as we reach the bridge where we're brought into an emotionally charged halftime chorus leading us into the finale. This marks another milestone for Elephante and we're happy we've been along for the ride. We encourage you to support the artist and purchase the EP on digital retailers here, but because he's the classy maestro that he is, Elephante is also allowing us to download the whole EP for free here.  



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When I pulled up Sean Turk's facebook info page - I chuckled at the lovely quotes from other music publications about his music, and I thought about how I am never quoted. But I mean, let's face it .... I am not a good writer. I never know what to say and definitely don't get very deep - I really just want you to listen to the music. BTW - I am brilliant a picking great music so I don't feel bad for being a terrible writer. I wanted to see if I could come up with something clever enough to be quoted tho ... so I'll give it my best! This new Sean Turk remix of "Closer" by Brandyn Burnette is better than tacos! Thank you very much, and grab a free download HERE!


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Brandyn Burnette is so dreamy! His voice tho ... swoon! Recently we have been loving all things he's involved with, and his progressive electro soul sound has got us hooked! Today he releases his next original track "Worship" full of whimsical melodies and all the right feels, I love it! Last weekend Brandyn Burnette and I crossed paths and we are so lame .... we didn't put two and two together and failed at the recognition game!  We even had a brief 5 second conversation on the stage with Lost Kings! I figured it out the next day and we've since laughed about it! Next time! But y'all .... you need to get into this - swoop it on iTunes HERE!


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I 1/2 way feel like Eric should be posting this one - he's so much better with words than I am! Being the furthest thing from a music journalist, I may miss the mark of giving a track its just deserts - I just run this blog OK I never said I actually know what I'm doing! What I do know what to do is pick out the best tracks for all you legends to jam with, and this one is bananas good! Brandyn Burnette and Win & Woo are no strangers to BB, and seeing this collab for "Underneath" gives me all the feels! Brandyn Burnette's voice is like a dream .... swoon! Mix that with the always magical Win & Woo production .... you get some massive electro pop perfection! You guys can swoop this one from iTunes HERE!


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We are super excited to welcome our new homies Closed Sessions out of DC and NYC to our SXSW 2016 party GET BUZZZED! Closed Sessions are kinda killing the independent live game in their city, and this new friendship has got us feeling some kind of way!  Together we have stacked a bill for your Saturday in Austin that's full of the freshest future bass and hip-hop feels .... this is such fire! Remember to RSVP for entry!