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The power of a clean house track is unparalleled. There is something about the way simple, charming melodies move spotlessly around a consistent, undeviating pulse. It is energetic without chaos, and rich without complication. Maryland-based house producer, Fomo just dropped a single that possesses the simple, yet fruitful spirit of a proper house track. "Vibes" is a stimulating, feet-shuffling, almost centering treasure. Channeling O.G house production and tribal undertones, "Vibes" is a refreshing jewel that is powerful enough to physically move you- regardless of if you want to. The single is personified with Fomo's suave yet humble charisma; it is powerful, opulent, grand, but never gaudy. It's often hard to articulate the striking characteristics of this unique facet of electronic music. But, in only one listen to "Vibes" there is a world of understanding and appreciation for well-engineered house music. Explore, share, and support Fomo's latest piece of art on Soundcloud- we have it on repeat.