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Some of my most vivid memories of in college, not to mention formative bonding experiences with lifelong friends, occurred with an RAC remix in the background. Industrious doesn’t even begin to describe the volume of amazing work he has graced our ears with over his long, yet seemingly ageless, career. Throw St. Lucia into the mix and you have a recipe for greatness anytime, every time. The two recently combined forces again to bring “The Beautiful Game” into existence for our listening pleasure, and needless to say they deliver. Like a lot of their previous work, the track pulls me into a state of contemplation over the furious contradictions that come with loving someone. The juxtaposition between melodic indie pop beats and lyrics outlining the intoxicating frustrations of infatuation get me every time. If you’re trying to catch those feels in person RAC just kicked off the North American portion of their tour with a full list of stops here. RAC & Jean from St. Lucia also graced the interwebz with a Q&A session you can view here.  Stream/Download your very own copy here.