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Fresh off a pair of performances at EDC, Mahalo is keeping spirits high with his celestial new piece of liquid house perfection in "Heaven". Back again with his vocal partner Cat Lewis the duo has churned out yet another piece of silky smooth house music that will melt you into your seat. Perfect Havoc is known for breaking BB faves like Tobtok and Oliver Nelson, and I heard were eager to sign Mahalo's sound. With tracks like "Current Mood", and my personal fave his hypem chart topping remix of Trace's "Honey" we knew this Mahalo thing wasn't a flash in the pan. Now we're hearing rumors of a signed single to Insomniac Records, and bookings at some major festivals, I think it's safe to say he has arrived. This epic tune features a contemplative lead synth line that is simply "Heaven." The track will be live on Spotify tomorrow (Friday June 23rd), ready to add to your favorite dance party playlist.