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Electronic music is often portrayed as its own, stand-alone genre- specific to a certain crowd, following specific chord progressions and melodies. But, in recent years electronic production has influenced genres as niche as garage rock and heavy metal. Simply put, electronic music is changing the way the world listens to, and composes music. Stoney Roads Records' artist, Mazde confirmed this theory with the release of his single, "Neverland." The single was a collaborative track with Rhode Island rapper, Khary, combining two, seemingly different worlds, EDM and rap. As Mazde continues his European summer tour, he is rekindling his relationship with the 9 month old track by passing it on to two other producers for remixing. NYC duo, MEMBA and Seattle based, Ark Patrol stepped up to add their own, unique third dimension to "Neverland." MEMBA's treatment is self proclaimed as "cheeky." The twosome added a bangin' trap vibe, overflowing with pleasantly nasty turns and drops—it is dynamically hype. While MEMBA turned it into a slam dunk piece, Ark Patrol layered "Neverland" with a slower, deeper and darker resonance, putting emphasis on the conscious nature of its lyricism. It's safe to say that Mazde passed the torch to the proper artists for capitalization. Each remix possesses a distinctly different spirit, giving the original release the complimentary elements it deserves. Explore these polar yet plentiful remixes via Soundcloud, and keep your eyes peeled for a very special Mazde Buzzzmix coming soon. 

Mazde European Tour Dates:
03 JUN - Young & Tuneful, Germany
18 JUN - Aperitivo al Verde, Italy
07 JUL - Neversea Festival Constanta, Romania
29 JUL - MOX, Cluj Napoca, Romania
03 AUG - Untold Festival, Romania
04 AUG - Sounds Of The Forest, Germany
01 SEP - Awake Festival Targu Mures, Romania