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Born from struggle and hardship, Auckland-hustling rapper Saint Lane is steadily carving out his own atmosphere in the hip-hop scene. Resurrecting an often over saturated sound, “Zip Code” is a hypnotic take on contemporary rap. An audible symbol of Basquiat, this joint is ripe with rhythm, saturated with dope flow and syrupy transitions- whistling tones penetrate the rolling drum beat that define its very nature. Saint Lane’s vocal tenor is approachable yet outstanding, breathing a new life into modern hip-hop. Conjuring up a nasty yet melodic track, “Zip Code” is both a party anthem, and a smoke session necessity. Listen to the movement.



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A stunning blend of electro-R&B, and echoing downtempo pop, Akurei’s “Ride Home” is an enchanting showcase of sounds. With a subtle hip-hop aroma, the Aussie pioneer gives us the second taste of his forthcoming debut EP with “Ride Home.” Saturated with an easy energy, Akurei solidifies his signature cadence with this joint. The track unfolds with a seductive prowess that oscillates a radiating ebb and flow rhythm. A truly fantastic and fearless feat, Akurei is quickly becoming one to watch from Australia, to Europe, to North America- watch this space.



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Australian label Mammal Sounds Records is on an upward trajectory of noteworthy success. Despite only having a few releases under their belt, each track is an epic unveiling of brilliant sounds and musical ideas. Their freshest release is a curtain call for the Australian jack of all trades, Abraham Tilbury. “Ocean” boasts a feature from Melbourne rapper Diemne- a fantastic collaboration that gives rise to a new age of hip-hop. While electronic music and hip-hop are often seen as polar genres, their diverging cadences are inherently dependent on each other. Like and yin and yang, Abraham Tilbury and Diemne combine Lo-Fi, electronic production with sultry verses and shadowy vocals. Smokey and riddled with an acute swagger, “Ocean” is a testament to the future of hip-hop. Slacken your senses and get deep with this easy joint- you’d be a lot cooler if you did. Listen on your favorite streaming platform here

“Diemne, Jacob & myself had written a few songs together in the past, and this session ended up being one of those moments where our different talents just seemed to work together perfectly well, in this kind of seamless integration.” -Abraham Tilbury



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Despite contemporary rap music being frequently criticized by old-heads for not channeling Tupac and Biggie, today’s take on hip-hop actually works as a curtain call for collaboration and creative restoration. Our favorite little blue booger, Snugs, composed of two multi-talented musicians who manipulate organic electronic production, have returned with their novel remix of Lil Skies’ “Nowadays.” Capitalizing on Lil Skies’ melodramatic flow, and rolling hip-hop cadence, Snugs gives “Nowadays” a vibrant treatment that redefines the mantra of the original piece. Using elements of spacious, radiating synth, the duo repaints the frame of “Nowadays” with pastel colors while lightning strikes between each note. A stellar balance of indie-electronic, and modern-urban flow, this flip is an interstellar rework that bumps with ease. Snugs’ relentless devotion to their craft shines with each release, fossilizing them as one of the most exciting, and cozy acts of the year. Stay tuned for more from our cute little friend, Snugs.



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What's better than a QUIX show?  When you team up with Insomniac and make the QUIX show the official  BAY NITES after party!  I mean .... how rad is this night gonna be! Start off at Bill Graham for a HUGE line up of bass and hip-hop vibes, then walk 4 blocks over to Mezzanine for an after party with QUIX and rage until 3am!  Yeaaaaaaaa!  QUIX, ALTiens, Choppa Dunks and Nico Crespo are gonna lay down thoes siiiick bass and trap sexy jams to keep you going all night long! We have a limited amount of advance tickets available now, so do your thing!  Also, check out this new track "I'll Give You the World. ft. JVMIE" by QUIX! See you there San Francisco! 



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There is always room on the BB pages for our love Alexander Lewis. He's managed to win us over again and again with that trombone ... it's always so so so good, everything he drops is like gold! His latest track "Clockwise ft. Nick Row" is a fantastic combo of that big future trap Alexander Lewis sound and siiick hip-hop vibes ... can't go wrong! He'll be joining KRANE on upcoming select dates, see if he hits your city HERE



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Awww yeah! Our good friends at Insomniac and Another Planet Entertainment are throwing a lil' get together at Bill Graham Civic Center on March 31st with none other than Lil Yachty, NAV, Joyryde, SAYMYNAME, YEHME2, Graves & Dials! Tickets are on sale now ... so get yours before they sell out ...... and keep a close watch on this space for more announcements about this date from your friends at Beautiful Buzzz ..... we got more to come! 



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Ah, what a wonderful week it has been here in Colorado. The air is starting to cool and the once green landscape is now slowly turning into bright yellows, reds, and oranges, to announce that fall is indeed here.  Which leaves us with the perfect time to dig into some new music for the season. Building upon his successful releases “Left You” and “Aquimini”, Maesu is back with his smooth 7 track debut deSerVe EP. After taking some time to go through all of it, I was rather impressed with the body of work, but caught myself playing one track on repeat. “OG” comes as the third track on the EP and man oh man is it good. It features a minimalistic beat with sultry percussion which perfectly compliments Maesu’s voice and allows it to float perfectly atop. With such a exceptional sound and unique style, the future is looking bright for this promising artist.



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LA-based artist management group, TH3RD BRAIN houses relations for artists like ZHU, Krewella, and Gallant- noteworthy acts to say the least. But, the collective brakes for musicians who are still on the come up as well. TH3RD BRAIN's latest addition is Thutmose, the Nigerian-born, NYC-living hustler who is blazing trails for the entire community of not only hip-hop, but the world of art entirely. His latest track, "Blame" is a bump that is platinum-worthy- capitalizing on a mainstream, hip-hop cadence while remaining novel and distinct. Combining production fit for the world of dance music, and seductive, rhythmic rhymes, "Blame" chews you up and spits you out, fiercely. His presence is dominating, and certain. The world of rap goes to the beat of its own drum, as high-profile rappers are redefining it's aesthetic and sound every moment, of every day. But leaving a legacy in that community is challenging. Thutmose, on the other hand, is humbly taking the throne as one of the best young rappers in the game right now. He uses bold production, and delivers lines clearly, and consciously. "Blame" is only a stepping stone in what will be a long career for the rapper- watch this space.