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Australian label Mammal Sounds Records is on an upward trajectory of noteworthy success. Despite only having a few releases under their belt, each track is an epic unveiling of brilliant sounds and musical ideas. Their freshest release is a curtain call for the Australian jack of all trades, Abraham Tilbury. “Ocean” boasts a feature from Melbourne rapper Diemne- a fantastic collaboration that gives rise to a new age of hip-hop. While electronic music and hip-hop are often seen as polar genres, their diverging cadences are inherently dependent on each other. Like and yin and yang, Abraham Tilbury and Diemne combine Lo-Fi, electronic production with sultry verses and shadowy vocals. Smokey and riddled with an acute swagger, “Ocean” is a testament to the future of hip-hop. Slacken your senses and get deep with this easy joint- you’d be a lot cooler if you did. Listen on your favorite streaming platform here

“Diemne, Jacob & myself had written a few songs together in the past, and this session ended up being one of those moments where our different talents just seemed to work together perfectly well, in this kind of seamless integration.” -Abraham Tilbury