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Fresh off a pair of performances at EDC, Mahalo is keeping spirits high with his celestial new piece of liquid house perfection in "Heaven". Back again with his vocal partner Cat Lewis the duo has churned out yet another piece of silky smooth house music that will melt you into your seat. Perfect Havoc is known for breaking BB faves like Tobtok and Oliver Nelson, and I heard were eager to sign Mahalo's sound. With tracks like "Current Mood", and my personal fave his hypem chart topping remix of Trace's "Honey" we knew this Mahalo thing wasn't a flash in the pan. Now we're hearing rumors of a signed single to Insomniac Records, and bookings at some major festivals, I think it's safe to say he has arrived. This epic tune features a contemplative lead synth line that is simply "Heaven." The track will be live on Spotify tomorrow (Friday June 23rd), ready to add to your favorite dance party playlist.


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Mahalo's done it again! Our Hawaiian brethren is back with another amazing track with singer Cat Lewis. "WTFYWF" accurately abbreviated haha is a dope track that rides the line between deep and future house in a way that's all his own. Liquid House is the way Mahalo's chosen to describe his sound and we think he's hit the nail on the head. Bump this tune night or day and it fits perfectly. You can add this to your fave Spotify playlist here.



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Mahalo's had a great 2016 rising up through the ranks with his new breed of what he calls liquid house. We supported the original release of "Be My Love ft. Cat Lewis" out on one of my favorite imprints No Definition - a sub label Enormous Tunes. I thought Famba did a terrific job with his re-work and is already climbing up the Beatport future chart. Cat's vocals are soo infectious so you can easily dive into this one. You can listen on Spotify too here.



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Yeee this is some super exciting stuff right here from our boy Mahalo! We've been big supporters of this Hawaiian bred dance floor maestro, and today he's heating things up again with a sweet new single out on the up-and-coming dance label No Definition - a part of the legendary Swiss label Enormous Tunes home to some of our absolute faves like Nora En Pure, Croatia Squad, EDX and more. Teaming up again with the incredibly talented topline genius Cat Lewis, the two have struck gold in "Be My Love." Mahalo's nu-disco instrumental is full of energetic piano and synthwork with some super spicy bass expertly layered behind Cat's vibrant pop vocals. I asked Mahalo to tell me a bit about how the song came about: 

"We started a track "Be My Love" last year around December - it was originally a Nu Disco track that, for me, was never really panning out into something that I really liked in terms of the instrumental. However, I'd always be sending Cat some new WIP stuff and he'd continue to bring up "Be My Love." We eventually found a common ground with this track "gimme your love" which sort of turned into a happy balance of the two and thus this popped out. We weren't super sure what to do with it at first as it's a lot different than the departure I've taken in the last 6 months, but I showed it to My Digital Enemy when I was hanging with them one time and they were certain I had something here. We showed it to EDX and the rest was history!"

Big moves are being made in the Mahalo camp. A track of this caliber is certainly a sign that word is getting out about this up-and-coming producer. We're absolutely pumped to be able to premiere this record, and so happy to see the quick progression of this artist from relative ambiguity to upstart fame. We know there's much more to come, but for now enjoy this amazing record. You can purchase from No Definition on Beatport here.    

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Like You's a Beyonce, Madonna or a Katy Perry...Hollywood, you better be ready for this one! Our homie Mahalo has brought us a deliciously smooth track featuring the pitch downed, falsetto and even rapping Cat Lewis. I think Cat decided to just pull every vocal trick out of the closet with this one and we couldn't be more pleased! Mahalo features Cat's vocals around a tune that strikes a delicate balance between party grooving bumps and smooth nu-disco vibes like a drive down sunset at 2am. I think Mahalo maybe foreshadowing a little with this one! f***in Famous!