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Australian multi-instrumentalist and vocalist, Mickey Kojak has a reputation of taking his fans on a wild ride. From nightclub favorites, to slow acoustic jams- he uses his creative eccentricity to cultivate a unique listening experience. Kojak is notorious for taking inspiration from both new and old technologies, which has led him down a stylistic path, which he can rightfully claim as his own. Releasing “Feel My Pain” as a young producer, he gained extensive national radio play, giving him a leg up. Having already put out two heavily streamed covers of Daft Punk’s “Something About Us” and Mac Demarco’s “Chamber Of Reflection” early in 2018, he’s moved towards his latest release, “Get Out.” This release comes courtesy of the dynamic duo, Alt: Vision and Casablanca Records. “Get Out” is a high-energy track with raw lyrics and soundscape to match. We’ve heard buzzz that later in the year we can expect some local and international collaborations, which are sure to elevate Kojak as an artist we can return to time and time again.



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Who doesn’t love Berlin? It’s unlike anywhere in the world for parties that don’t stop and dance floors that never sleep. It draws the crowd of residents and visitors alike, for obvious reason… THE MUSIC. Once again, the artists have not disappointed. Bridge Guy returns courtesy of Berlin Bass Collective with a dreamy two-track release from his EP, Neukolin CLAV. The first track of the EP, “CLAV it your way” incorporates playful, house-oriented beats with groovy chords, and evocative vocals for a brighter- more disco influenced sound. This lovely release speaks for itself, offering the perfect feel for any afterhour to keep the party going and the people bouncing!



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Some of the best tracks pull you in and take you for a ride, “Off For The Night” is no exception and conjures a long walk through the streets of Brooklyn at night contemplating how to get your shit together, with a precipitous series of revelations crashing over you as the journey progresses. NY Producer duo MEMBA and Auckland, New Zealand transplants No Wyld masterfully blend genres to deliver a measured, but brooding, original that channels feelings of frustration we all feel at one point or another. The track’s lyrics insinuate a need for escape, a common theme in music but one that when done right strikes a chord in anyone listening. Both of these groups of artists have great things on the horizons, make sure to check out more of MEMBA’s music here, as well as No Wyld's here.


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Some of my most vivid memories of in college, not to mention formative bonding experiences with lifelong friends, occurred with an RAC remix in the background. Industrious doesn’t even begin to describe the volume of amazing work he has graced our ears with over his long, yet seemingly ageless, career. Throw St. Lucia into the mix and you have a recipe for greatness anytime, every time. The two recently combined forces again to bring “The Beautiful Game” into existence for our listening pleasure, and needless to say they deliver. Like a lot of their previous work, the track pulls me into a state of contemplation over the furious contradictions that come with loving someone. The juxtaposition between melodic indie pop beats and lyrics outlining the intoxicating frustrations of infatuation get me every time. If you’re trying to catch those feels in person RAC just kicked off the North American portion of their tour with a full list of stops here. RAC & Jean from St. Lucia also graced the interwebz with a Q&A session you can view here.  Stream/Download your very own copy here.


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BOOM! For months I have been waiting for the official release of this new Prince Fox original, and finally today is the day! I am so excited I can hardly contain myself! This is my family right here .... artists like Prince Fox are the reason I do what I do! I've been on the journey with him, starting from a bedroom producer passing me tracks through his college roommates to dropping this huge release "Fragile ft. Hailee Steinfeld" which was just premiered on Billboard! I'm so proud and nerding out over this whole thing .... it's such a great day! This track is everything, and Prince Fox has basically created the amazing future pop sound that's bananas good! With synthy future beats over crisp pop melodies and luminous vocals, this will be the best thing you've heard all week! You can swoop this on iTunes HERE!  


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I'm kinda loving everything this Los Angeles producer is putting into the world, and recently we took young JayKode under our wing, making him part of our BB fam and giving him all the support any talented music maker deserves!  Today he's teamed up with fellow Los Angeles producer Whiiite to drop this classic bass track "Revolution" and it's siiiick! If you are looking for some bass this morning  - you got it! It's heavy and dirty and I love it! You can swoop this one as a free download HERE!


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Let us introduce you to BB newcomers Far & Few! The Austin based bass heads have had initial success with their remix of Alison Wonderland's "Already Gone ft. Brave and Lido" Today they've given us the opportunity to premiere their new single "Candyland!" Starting with longing reverb piano and a vocal chop, the track quickly picks it up building to a fiercely melodic future bass drop, with synth chirps, quickly moving bass and ear candy arps befitting the record's name. Nab this as a free download here!


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Lost Kings are our most favorite new addition to the Beautiful Buzzz fam - we are talking about them all the time and LOVE all the things they put into the world! Our boyfriends are back today with a new original "Marathon ft. Cosmos & Creature" which will be on their forthcoming The Good EP out March 11th.  This one is super delicious with sweet soulful vocals and bouncy melodies -- probably gonna have this one on repeat all day long! Lost Kings are kicking off a huge tour this week, check their schedule HERE and see if they will be in your city! I can't wait to rage in San Francisco!! Listen and Love! 


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What a fun day we are having!  This tho, has topped our cake of indie dance dreams, and Gryffin has finally released this first original "Heading Home ft. Josef Salvat" and we are totally in love! This New York producer might just be the biggest thing of 2016 - all I hear people talking about is Gryffin this and Gryffin that - totally deserved! I kind of smile and think, yea well ..... I was emailing this kid a year and a half ago for hangs -- which we never got to do, but sooooooon enough!  Deep house indie dance feels all over this one, and the vocals by Josef Salvat are so whimsical - everything is on point!  I'm so excited for all the delicious things to come from this legend and live shows and festivals .... all the tings!!  S0 kick back and let the vibes soak in!