Taylor FayComment

Australian multi-instrumentalist and vocalist, Mickey Kojak has a reputation of taking his fans on a wild ride. From nightclub favorites, to slow acoustic jams- he uses his creative eccentricity to cultivate a unique listening experience. Kojak is notorious for taking inspiration from both new and old technologies, which has led him down a stylistic path, which he can rightfully claim as his own. Releasing “Feel My Pain” as a young producer, he gained extensive national radio play, giving him a leg up. Having already put out two heavily streamed covers of Daft Punk’s “Something About Us” and Mac Demarco’s “Chamber Of Reflection” early in 2018, he’s moved towards his latest release, “Get Out.” This release comes courtesy of the dynamic duo, Alt: Vision and Casablanca Records. “Get Out” is a high-energy track with raw lyrics and soundscape to match. We’ve heard buzzz that later in the year we can expect some local and international collaborations, which are sure to elevate Kojak as an artist we can return to time and time again.