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One of the reasons young Chicagoan Ethan Snoreck, known professionally as Whethan, has achieved such success so quickly is his attention to mood in his musical productions. The recent high school grad has an uncanny ability to tap his sound design skills to establish an intangible emotional vibe that always seems to match perfectly with the singing style and songwriting prowess of his vocalist collaborators — resulting in hit record after hit record. Rather than trying to excel with a particular sub-genre of electronic music, he just makes music. Sometimes it’s more chill and indie, other times more energetic and poppy, but it’s never generic.

This time, he’s enlisted newcomer Mascolo, whose raspy vocal is a bit reminiscent of Drew Taggart’s on The Chainsmokers’ “Closer” but with way richer emotional density. Lyrically, it’s a nostalgic anthem recalling the “Good Nights” with a past lover. Mascolo’s soulful lines and Whethan’s light synths and claps work effortlessly together on this fun short jam. You’ll want this one on your summer Spotify playlist!