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Nova vida. It means "new life" in Portuguese. Allen French's Nova Vida is a worldly, poetic track combining the sounds of cultures from all over the world, with a pronounced emphasis on Latin style tempos. Baghdad born, and Australia residing producer, Motez, just gave the sexy track a distinct, almost dark remedy. From 2:40-4:00 there is an avid, spooky, whispering production that pulls you in just before the apex of the track possesses you with burning desire to close your eyes, and move your hips. Motez just flipped this single into something house music has never seen before. It's a call to cultural unity through sultry production, and dark, conspicuous piano riffs. Despite the language barrier between myself and the lyrics, I can still feel the powerful message behind them, quite distinctly (with a little help from Google translate).

"Castles of gold
Line in the sand
In my dreams
I like the riches
Fear and death
Life and faith
And our destiny
Let's go to a new life"

Brb, going to learn Portuguese. In all seriousness this remix is enchanting, walking the line of fantastic- I truly think Motez just added a new dimension to house music. Get inspired with Motez's Nova Vida remix on