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Yes. Once more, "The Live Music Capital of The World," Austin, Texas has brought to fruition another illustrious musician. A duo actually, Bronze Whale, composed of Benny and Jaques who make "sexy whale sounds" that have continuously dominated the electronic music scene in ATX, just dropped a saucy remix for Whethan and Oliver Tree's, "When I'm Down." The original track is a stand alone classic, but the holy hands of Bronze Whale have cast upon it new dimensions. The flip possesses a pop-step energy, with a kind hint of bubbly on the nose. Yet, it still has this sharp, demanding tone that drives it up and down, you know, so you can shuffle. There is a pronounced emphasis on the intricacy of the production, it's never quite simple- but always an affable listen. Bronze Whale is recognized for their consistent delivery of big room sounds that pull on the heart strings. But, with this remix they give us a party. With this remix, they share with us the testimony of layered complexity in production. Although Bronze Whale is a fraction of a massive, often restrictive music scene in Austin, the two musicians are expanding their reach at a rapid pace, crashing into the scene without a parachute. And we are all here for it. Get familiar with what's about to get big by streaming, sharing, and gettin' down with their spunky, brilliantly unorthodox remix. My feet are moving, y'all. 

Download the vibe here:

Disclosure: Bronze Whale is managed by Beautiful Buzzz writer Lindsey Oh