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Monstercat is a collective of musicians and artistic pioneers that continuously blazes trails for the future of electronic music. The world renowned ensemble has proved, more than occasionally, that their "aesthetic" is undefinable. Monstercat caters to the many sub-genres under the umbrella of EDM, resulting in millions of followers and fans. Not to my surprise, Monstercat just released Mindsight and Duumu's collaborative track, "What Feels Right." The single reaches beyond what is currently popular in contemporary indie electronic music. It's wavy, syncopated, and has an almost vintage electronic energy. Despite its many layers, and intentional proliferation, the cadence is clear, ensuring that no other artist can produce something of its nature. The sultry, chrome, female vocals are chopped but, to my appreciation, not screwed. Mindsight and Duumu have just mapped out a journey through a piece that is not "all over the place," but takes you places you haven't been before. It's a geometric, 4-D track that goes against the grain of what is happening in modern music. Straight up, I love it- almost experimental, but warmly approachable. See what I mean via Soundcloud, and Spotify