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Monday's suck, and Andres Sierra's "Why Do I (Still Love You)" is the deep house vibe you need to take that grimy, hungover, post-weekend edge off. Accumulating over 50,000 plays it's first week on Soundcloud, "Why Do I (Still Love You)" is proving to be a brilliant success. The single has a retro touch to it, combining early house elements paired with a strikingly 80s style cover photo. "Why Do I (Still Love You)"  is a rare sound in a time where indie-electronic is the only thing charting again, and again, and again, becoming nearly trivial. This mysterious, dark, shuffle-inducing house track is refreshing, and it's deep-synth anchor gives rise to an underutilized approach towards electronic music. "Why Do I (Still Love You)" is only one track off of his latest album, "House Arrest." Thanks Andres Sierra, for making deep house great again. 



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I don't think I've ever been more happy to see the weekend than I am now on this foggy San Francisco morning! I'm ready to party! Good thing I have this delicious premiere for your weekend listening pleasure ... you can always count on me kids! Emerging German producer Kyco is new to the BB pages - so we welcome him with open arms with his latest original "Little Bit Closer." Kyco has a groovy dance vibe with progressive builds and yummy pop energy that is giving us all the feels. If you're looking for something fresh - this is just the thing! You can also stream here on Spotify.


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Monstercat is a collective of musicians and artistic pioneers that continuously blazes trails for the future of electronic music. The world renowned ensemble has proved, more than occasionally, that their "aesthetic" is undefinable. Monstercat caters to the many sub-genres under the umbrella of EDM, resulting in millions of followers and fans. Not to my surprise, Monstercat just released Mindsight and Duumu's collaborative track, "What Feels Right." The single reaches beyond what is currently popular in contemporary indie electronic music. It's wavy, syncopated, and has an almost vintage electronic energy. Despite its many layers, and intentional proliferation, the cadence is clear, ensuring that no other artist can produce something of its nature. The sultry, chrome, female vocals are chopped but, to my appreciation, not screwed. Mindsight and Duumu have just mapped out a journey through a piece that is not "all over the place," but takes you places you haven't been before. It's a geometric, 4-D track that goes against the grain of what is happening in modern music. Straight up, I love it- almost experimental, but warmly approachable. See what I mean via Soundcloud, and Spotify


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Kid Froopy can do no wrong! He's hit some absolute home runs with "BB (four missed texts)" and "Dreams," and you know we were excited to hear his latest concoction - an energetic indie electronic tune "Drive Slow". The song pulses with layers of rhythmic vocal chops throughout the choruses and finale. There's also hints of funky guitar, and an infectious downward falling synth melody that floats in every now and then that serves as the whipped cream on top. This delectable tune is another fine dime in his deck of tasty jams. You can listen on Spotify as well here.



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Our favorite thing to do here at Beautiful Buzzz is expose all you amazing people in the world who actually read this blog to fresh up-and-coming artists we think need to be on your radar. Today's Buzzzmix Vol. 24 does just that! We were recently introduced to PALASTIC from an awesome filous remix they put out a last month.  We are huge filous supporters, and once we found out PALASTIC was also from Vienna making the same kind of super viby jams, we were hooked right away! Vienna is an infamous city of music, creating some of the first rock stars the world has ever known .... like Schubert, Strauss, and Mozart ... pretty impressive!! When you walk down her streets you can feel the energy of these greats resonating throughout ... at least I did! I imagine it's a fantastic place to create music, and it reflects in this carefully curated Buzzzmix.  This duo has captured that feeling of summertime sunsets and late night dancefloor grooves for all the feels! Get to know PALASTIC, it will be the best thing you do all day!  Grab a free download HERE!

filous - Shaded In (PALASTIC Remix)
filous - Dusk
Safia - Embracing Me (Mazde Remix)
Nihils - Not A Man Of Violence (PALASTIC Remix)
Wild Culture Vs. Riley Pearce - Brave
Kytes - On The Run (MOUNT Remix)
Mazde - Spreewaldplatz
Peking Duk feat. Safia - Take Me Over (Benson Remix)
MOUNT & Nicolas Haelg - Something Good
Odesza - Say My Name (feat. Zyra) (Hayden James Remix)
PALASTIC - Don´t Hesitate feat. Rezar (VIP)
filous - Dawn feat. Robb


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Sup fam? It's not very often that we cover a whole tour, but this one is a bit special! Our boys Louis The Child are kicking off a US tour this fall after a HUGE summer of leaps and bounds! They'll be playing dates with Kaskade, The Chainsmokers, and Sweater Beats. These boys are on their way! Not only are Louis The Child legend music makers, the team behind them are all home grown hustlers .... living that real struggle and coming up together. Family.....


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Man .... this Friday has been rough for your girl here in the BB office, I need some epic sounding feel good dance music to fill my soul and shake off all the neg-energy from a very hectic day. Good thing these babe's from Atlanta, GA dropped this booty poppin remix of "The Verge" by Owl CIty, because really if music makes you feel good then fuck-it! Halogen always have the best feels, and this poppy dance floor gem has lifted my spirits ... I think I have a crush! Grab this bad boy as a free download HERE


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If you guys don't know about BASECAMP yet, it's your lucky day! We have been raving about this Nashville electro R&B outfit for years, and they are actually kinda our faves! We've featured them at our SXSW show for the past two years, and put them on a few festivals we booked in 2014, and now they have their latest and greatest "Watch My Back" coming out on OWSLA on 8/21.  BOOM!! BASECAMP are pretty much the hottest most delicious most fresh legends in our eyes! Nothing but love here! Take a listen and remember to scoop this one up in a few weeks! 


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It has to be done .... I know I know, Fergie tho! Tell you what, good thing there are producers out there who turn bad songs we hate into something totally rad! PLS&TY comes from Palm Beach FL, and he's put a very sexy feel to "Glamorous ft. Ludacris" that we are vibing with - one hundred! And ..... he's kind of a babe! Future beats and all, this is a great track that you can grab as a free download HERE