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Electronic music is morphing into a vast melting pot of cosmic sounds and indefinable resonance. Once criticized for lacking artistic substance, and contributing towards youth rebellion (as all great music should), today, EDM is a broad term for a genre that is actually a spectrum of various energies, tones, emotions, and musical approaches. Melbourne-based producer, Kendl, is a testament to the righteous, nameless nature of electronic music. His latest drop, "Holding On" ft. alt-folk super babe, Tiger Darrow, is a wavy, indie-fusion with seductive implications. The echoing lyricism coincides like a yin and yang with the production- giving rise to each other as they aesthetically interrelate. The ongoing guitar riffs throughout the track are unmistakable, proving to be its most defining facet. "Holding On" pays tribute to music that reaches far beyond the influence of electronic production. Kendl walks a fine line between risky and fantastic, and this collaborative track proves that he is now delving, head first, into the fantastic. "Holding On" is the 2nd single from his highly anticipated, forthcoming EP, "Colours." Get with this sultry, indie-psychedelic track via Soundcloud, and Spotify. Kendl, we love it. 

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