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Here at Beautiful Buzzz, we adore Prince Fox. He continues to humbly top charts and climb the ladder of success while remaining novel, and refreshing. Sure, he's a friend of ours, but if you dissect the many facets of adoration that make up our relationship with Prince Fox, the most defining piece comes in the fact that he is one of the best in the game right now. His latest track, "Space" featuring QuinnXCII is yet another testament to his unwavering gift for production. "Space" is a soft single with a demanding, smoky, dark beat. QuinnXCII's falsetto-esque vocals delightfully contrast the rich, round beat- much like an eclipse. It is garnished with romance and philosophy, both musically and poetically. The track digs deep, and spontaneously rises into a twinkling, approachable resonance. It's a stunning track to say the least, and you know we added this piece to our weekly Spotify playlist. Support Prince Fox on Soundcloud with our link above, and on Spotify with our link below: