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Ah the time...the time just slips away so quickly. I wasn't going to let this track slip away from making it onto the BB pages. At this point Throttle doesn't need our help. He's been rocking festivals all over the world in the last year, but he's a homie, he played our south by southwest show, and we love him so we had to support his latest jam - this fever inducing dance floor heater "Baddest Behaviour". Living up to his appropriately titled name this track throttles the gas with a flame-like blend of dancehall vocals, horns, and groovy bass. This tune is just soo ready for dance floors everywhere and it's already getting serious air time from the biggest of DJ's. Time for you to "put your hands in the air" it's Friday, the weekend is here and this song is ready to be THE anthem for your weekend shenanigans.