PREMIERE, RemixMike DooseComment

If you’re a casual listener of Spotify’s curated chill/electronic playlists, there’s a good chance you’ve heard BAYNK. The New Zealand-based producer is known for his sensual textures and layered electronic arrangements on tracks such as “What You Need” and “Poolside.” He’s also released notable remixes for artists such as gnash (“I hate u, I love u”) as well as A R I Z O N A (“I Was Wrong”). 

While I can’t say for sure, there’s a good chance that Philadelphia-based artist Hazey Eyes has been on some of the same playlists as BAYNK. They both create supremely chill, atmospheric indie electronic music and share support from some of the same industry tastemakers, namely YouTube promotional channel turned full-on record label Majestic Casual. Today marks the release of BAYNK’s official remix package for his latest single “Come Home”, a collab with Chicago-based producer/vocalist Shallou. Hazey’s take is easily the most relaxing and moody redo of the four in the pack. It’s a delicate and tranquil piece of music that might make you teary, or in my case is keeping me sane and relaxed on this Friday morning despite the mountain of work I know I have ahead of me today. Enjoy!