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I first discovered Spirix when his remix of “Glory Days” by Sweater Beats and Hayley Kiyoko was algorithmically fed to me by my Spotify Discover Weekly or Release Radar, can’t remember which one exactly. I knew right away that this young producer had real talent. Turns out he has some mutual friends of the blog as well in Moving Castle founders Robotaki and Manila Killa. Definitely check out his remix of their track “I Want You” feat. Matthew John Kurz here.

His latest single “Little Doubts” is further reason to keep the name Spirix firmly on your radar. Sweet and light synth melodies provide a gently building introduction perfectly paired with the soft vocal stylings of Aviella, who has a great songwriting career ahead of her. The energy picks up and Spirix goes on to gift us two explosive drops with the kind of chord stabs that get you grinning wide and throwing down on the dance floor. He apparently made his live debut at Snowglobe this past NYE and I can only imagine it was quite the set. I can’t wait for more Spirix originals like this one, and I hope more are coming soon!

spirix little doubts.jpg