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I am so glad this week is coming to an end! For real, I've been on the struggle bus for days and days ... it's time to kick back and slide into this weekend with the freshest jams! Pretty sure I've found the ultimate track to set the tone with the latest release from our friends over at Moving Castle. AObeats and Robokid drop new track "Sunny" with a chill funky groove that I am all about!  There are so many feels here y'all .... sunny summer vibes in abundance! Swoop that download HERE



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Moving Castle co-founder and character, Robokid returns unveiling “Fishing Lessons-” a dynamic, rolling labyrinth of soundscapes that bind together to create a single outline of pure genius. Despite the humorous title and cheeky track art, “Fishing Lessons” is innately intellectual, rousing the senses and demanding your attention. Walls of synth drip behind a righteously contrasting resonance. A sustained ebb and flow of frequencies dance carefree throughout, challenging the senses and ultimately creating a myriad of sounds that romantically meet in the middle of singularity and chaos. As the Moving Castle collective continues to grow and establish itself as one of the most notable boutique labels in the game, Robokid follows a similar pattern- always one step ahead of the curve. Get loose and get with “Fishing Lessons,” and be sure to explore the music video that coincides here



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I first discovered Spirix when his remix of “Glory Days” by Sweater Beats and Hayley Kiyoko was algorithmically fed to me by my Spotify Discover Weekly or Release Radar, can’t remember which one exactly. I knew right away that this young producer had real talent. Turns out he has some mutual friends of the blog as well in Moving Castle founders Robotaki and Manila Killa. Definitely check out his remix of their track “I Want You” feat. Matthew John Kurz here.

His latest single “Little Doubts” is further reason to keep the name Spirix firmly on your radar. Sweet and light synth melodies provide a gently building introduction perfectly paired with the soft vocal stylings of Aviella, who has a great songwriting career ahead of her. The energy picks up and Spirix goes on to gift us two explosive drops with the kind of chord stabs that get you grinning wide and throwing down on the dance floor. He apparently made his live debut at Snowglobe this past NYE and I can only imagine it was quite the set. I can’t wait for more Spirix originals like this one, and I hope more are coming soon!

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I couldn't possibly start out 2018 without posting something from the Moving Castle world ... we love them more than some of our favorite things .... like tacos, or mouth kissing .... we love them that much! This yung producer is making all sorts of moves for the new year, such as relocating to LA to focus on making music, as well as dropping this viby new remix of "The World Is Ours" by Jai Wolf. Also, as if you didn't know ... Moving Castle is throwing a mini festi in LA - the first Moving Castle World with a huge list of all stars, including our main man KWON. For more information on that event and to swoop tickets - go HERE



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I can't think of a better way of waking up in the morning -- rolling out of bed and seeing a new Moving Castle release! Our favorite little label never disappoints. Bonus time - I get to premiere this bad boy today ... and its everything! Literally! "Everything ft. Ria" is the latest release from rising star Rusty Hook whom we've been pretty excited about lately, and this French producer is bringing heat. With bouncy melodies and melodic future beats Rusty Hook turns the volume to 10 for all the fantastic chair dancing feels. I'm currently alone in my office throwing trap arms - if my staff could only see me now! This is the second single off his EP Romance Is Dead, Good Riddance that comes out NOV 16th. So excited to see what's next from this legend! You can buy/stream this new track HERE

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There is no better way to start off your morning than with a fresh track from our loves over at Moving Castle. This little collective + label always produces the goods, and this new track from AObeats & Annabel Jones is hitting all the right notes. With that future groove and glitchy beats sound we love from AObeats mixed with the sweet girlish vocals from Annabel Jones, we have ourselves a dance floor heater that I'm sure we'll all be hearing at the club for months to come. You can buy/stream this bad boy HERE!


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I have decided that this new Alizzz track "Pull Up On Me ft. YAS" is 100% my summer anthem. Being a woman making moves in this industry, I kinda feel like a bad bitch every day. Finding my place in this boys club while being respected has been no easy task, but I've gotten my stamp of approval and have achieved that honorary position .... because I'm a bad bitch! Can't pull up on a bad bitch OK! But for real, Alizzz is yummy ... I love everything this Barcelonian producer puts into the world. It's filled with bright future beats with smooth vocals from YAS ... what's not to love! This one is out via our loves Moving Castle - thanks homies! 


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The Moving Castle collective resumes its dominating presence in the indie-electronic community with the release of Astre's single, "Romance" featuring Amela. Moving Castle houses chart topping producers like Jai Wolf, Chet Porter and Manila Killa. What is particularly unique about Moving Castle's 20 year old French musician, Astre, materializes in his artistic fluidity- he is both a producer and a filmmaker. His multi-faceted perspective and adaptable aesthetic is showcased through his latest single, "Romance." A collaboration with indie babe, Amela, this down tempo track is both soothing and electrifying. One might call that, well, romantic. "Romance" is the first track on Astre's EP "For so Long," set to release June 30. Explore the mystic sounds of this single as an insight to his upcoming record via Soundcloud, and pre-order it on iTunes now!


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I've been really bad about getting music up the past month. Your girl has a lot going on OK! That being said, I always try to get up tracks from that wonderful LA collective Moving Castle. I <3 all things Moving Castle, and this week two legends came together once again to give us a smokin' new track "I'm OK ft. Shaylen" by Manila Killa and AOBeats. Both officially part of the BB fam, this is the first time they have collaborated since 2015 when they dropped "Helix 2.0" and we are swooning over this one! With soulful pop vocals from Shaylen and bouncy future beats, these boys deliver the goods! You can buy/stream this bad boy HERE!

Disclosure: Manila Killa is promoted by Beautiful Buzzz writers Alli Lindsey + Lindsey Oh