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Moving Castle co-founder and character, Robokid returns unveiling “Fishing Lessons-” a dynamic, rolling labyrinth of soundscapes that bind together to create a single outline of pure genius. Despite the humorous title and cheeky track art, “Fishing Lessons” is innately intellectual, rousing the senses and demanding your attention. Walls of synth drip behind a righteously contrasting resonance. A sustained ebb and flow of frequencies dance carefree throughout, challenging the senses and ultimately creating a myriad of sounds that romantically meet in the middle of singularity and chaos. As the Moving Castle collective continues to grow and establish itself as one of the most notable boutique labels in the game, Robokid follows a similar pattern- always one step ahead of the curve. Get loose and get with “Fishing Lessons,” and be sure to explore the music video that coincides here