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I am so glad this week is coming to an end! For real, I've been on the struggle bus for days and days ... it's time to kick back and slide into this weekend with the freshest jams! Pretty sure I've found the ultimate track to set the tone with the latest release from our friends over at Moving Castle. AObeats and Robokid drop new track "Sunny" with a chill funky groove that I am all about!  There are so many feels here y'all .... sunny summer vibes in abundance! Swoop that download HERE



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Moving Castle co-founder and character, Robokid returns unveiling “Fishing Lessons-” a dynamic, rolling labyrinth of soundscapes that bind together to create a single outline of pure genius. Despite the humorous title and cheeky track art, “Fishing Lessons” is innately intellectual, rousing the senses and demanding your attention. Walls of synth drip behind a righteously contrasting resonance. A sustained ebb and flow of frequencies dance carefree throughout, challenging the senses and ultimately creating a myriad of sounds that romantically meet in the middle of singularity and chaos. As the Moving Castle collective continues to grow and establish itself as one of the most notable boutique labels in the game, Robokid follows a similar pattern- always one step ahead of the curve. Get loose and get with “Fishing Lessons,” and be sure to explore the music video that coincides here



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Seriously tho - I feel like I could spend the whole day blogging about all our homies and the rad tracks they've been dropping! The love I have for this little muffin right here is super special ... as I have a school girl crush and he knows it! LA producer and Moving Castle legend Robokid delivers a sexy future pop track that's got me feeling some kind of way! With bouncy R&B melodies and soothing vocals "Next Year" has officially become my favorite track of the week! Swoop this one HERE!  



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Talk about one of my fave people ever, Robokid is pretty much my ride or die these days. From making me swoon for being so dreamy, to super rad hangs at SXSW, to him coming to San Francisco this summer to play a BB show, you can say we're fam. He puts out the sickest tracks, and this new official remix of "Run" by AWOLNATION crushes everything. It's dark and almost sinister techno vibe mixed in with big bass beats and all the future feels we've come to love from Robokid are wrapped into a perfect package ... psyched! Get into this one kids! 


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It's that time of year again! Our annual Outside Lands Festival after party at Mezzanine is here, and this year Beautiful Buzzz + Crossroads are very pleased to present BRANCHEZ! The fun doesn't stop there - our homie & Moving Castle legend Robokid will also be throwing that fire on the decks plus a very special guest that we'll let you know about soon! Every year this event rages - and I am so psyched for this line-up .... you have no idea!  This will SELL OUT - so grab your tickets ASAP!   


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I pretty much have a crush on every Moving Castle artist - they are all super babes and so talented! This one here tho, OMG swoon Robokid is so dreamy .... I feel all girly and stuff (batting eyelashes). We got to do some hangs when he played our SXSW show in March, and I kinda definitely swooned a little - but I am used to it I guess, I live my life surrounded by dreamy boys! But let's focus OK - because the music is fucking amazing and really what's important here! Just now Robokid dropped a new original that is equally as dreamy with all the feels - and if you have been watching the Coachella live stream "23" is the theme song, how cool is that!!  You can swoop this one from iTunes HERE!


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We are super excited to welcome our new homies Closed Sessions out of DC and NYC to our SXSW 2016 party GET BUZZZED! Closed Sessions are kinda killing the independent live game in their city, and this new friendship has got us feeling some kind of way!  Together we have stacked a bill for your Saturday in Austin that's full of the freshest future bass and hip-hop feels .... this is such fire! Remember to RSVP for entry! 


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Last month we featured this awesome track "Your Love" from Barcelonan producer Alizzz that we were all gaga over!  Today he's dropped Your Love Remix EP via Moving Castle for some serious dance vibes!  This little collective always delivers super fresh jams, and each producer selected to flip put their signature flavor all over these bad boys!  Manila Killa, Robokid and Hoodboi crushed it! You can grab all three tracks as a free download HERE

Disclosure: Manila Killa is promoted by Beautiful Buzzz writers Alli Lindsey + Lindsey Oh


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We took a break from The Buzzz Box playlist during July -- too much going on in the summer month to keep up! Now that we have a second to breathe, August has arrives and this playlist is on fleek featuring artists like Roosevelt, Luca Lush, Claptone, RAC, Eau Claire, JackLNDN, plus many more! So kick back, grab some headphones and take this musical journey with us!!